About Mike Duckett

IMG_1357Mike has a degree in psychology and is a member of the Occupational Psychology division, the Sports Psychology division & the Coaching Psychology Special Group of the British Psychological Society. He holds a diploma in Hypnotherapy & Cognitive therapy and is a certified NLP Coach.

He has over 23 years sales and marketing experience at senior management level (mainly in the pharmaceutical industry) which means that he is able to quickly empathise with career pressures and aspirations while having the expertise to stimulate individuals to break through their own ‘glass ceilings’.

As a certified NLP Coach and ANLP Accredited Master Practitioner, Mike has clients ranging from Chairmen & C.E.O.s through board directors to key operational staff within organisations from a broad cross section of industry sectors including pharmaceutical, IT, construction, Facilities Management etc; in Europe, South Africa, and the U.S.#

Professional qualifications and associations:

  • Psychology Honours degree
  • Certified NLP Coach (ITS)
  • Graduate Member of The Society for Coaching Psychology
  • Member British Psychological Society, Occupational & Sports Psychology
    Divisions & Founder member of Coaching Psychology Special Group
  • International NLP Trainers Association Master Practitioner
  • ANLP Accredited Master Practitioner
  • International Coach Federation member
  • European Mentoring & Coaching Council founder member
  • British Institute of Hypnotherapy member
  • Diploma (distinction) Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Therapy and NLP

Examples of recent coaching assignments by sector:


  • Coaching 2 main board directors and 2 senior managers of a financial consultancy as role models for the planned culture change toward empowerment and personal responsibility.
  • Coaching a senior consultant to achieve both revenue targets and personal development objectives as agreed in his P.D.P.
  • Coaching business development team in international banking as role models in developing ‘performance excellence’ culture


  • Coaching market analyst in changed thinking styles to allow better communication of highly complex information to marketing teams and senior management.
  • Coaching market manager to build confidence and communication skills
  • Coaching sales & marketing director to maintain performance while re-gaining work/life balance


  • Coaching Trust CEO on developing commercial awareness and leadership style
  • Coaching Nursing Services Manager towards Director position


  • Coaching Managing Director to become more effective leader
  • Coaching cross-functional teams in shift from blame culture towards taking full responsibility for customer outcomes
  • Coaching Construction Director into new role


  • Coaching main board to raise awareness of personal needs and values in order to inform strategic decisions about restructuring the business

Media & Leisure

  • Coaching TV. Presenter in re-gaining work/life balance while expanding repertoire
  • Preparing professional French-horn player for orchestral performances
  • Preparing Michelin 3-star Chef for TV and demonstration work
  • Sports: Getting in ‘The Zone of Flow’
  • International martial arts exponent
  • 3 World Rally Car championship drivers
  • Premiership football player

Some Personal stuff:

He work40thLogos with the Princes’ Trust as a volunteer young person’s business mentor and on their Leaving Care programme, helping young people become independent, whether they are arriving from overseas seeking asylum or leaving foster homes etc.

He likes to keep physically active – “keeping mind and body working well together is vital for any performance, whether in the office or on the track” – so he loves cycling, running by the Thames (see http://picasaweb.google.com/MikeDuckett7/Thames#) and skiing (See http://picasaweb.google.com/MikeDuckett7/ValDIsere#)

He is married to Marie who runs her own Harley Street facial aesthetics clinic (60 Harley Street). “As beauty is not only skin deep we have often worked with the same clients – you could say inside/out and outside/in”.

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