Posted by: mikeduckett | August 8, 2013

Offlining for Curmudgeons

Call me old-fashioned. Call me a Luddite. Even call me a curmudgeon but I must say I can’t help but be drawn to discussions about the use (miss use) of modern communication media. I really enjoyed a discussion (laugh) in the pub last night with a friend in his late 50s who never responds to text messages – he thinks they are intrusive and are less efficient than a phone call. He said he’d just observed his daughter having a 30 minute text flow with a friend living 100 yards away about where to go and what to do that evening. “If she couldn’t be bothered to walk over she could at least have arranged it in a 5 minute phone call!!!”

As you’ll know from earlier blogs I have some sympathy with his argument; I am currently into the 2nd day of an email flow about booking a date in my diary: 5 mins on the phone would have cracked it yesterday. So why do we persist in thinking text & email is more ‘efficient’? It’s NOT. Don’t get me wrong. I did attempt to update my friend with the benefits e.g. of being able to text phone numbers and addresses so he won’t forget and of being able to text someone who is otherwise engaged so that they can respond at their leisure. So you see I’m actually neither a Luddite nor a smitten follower; I’d just like us to be aware of the appropriate media for the appropriate message.

However, we then got onto the subject of Facebook: “Arrgghhh. Just a bunch of people who think the world is interested in the meal they’re about to eat so they show us a photo!” On the way to the bar I mentioned Twitter………not a clue! As he said, “this stuff will do your head in”.

Which brings me to the latest piece I covered on Radio Marlow FM last week. It’s about ‘offlining’:


  1. Hi Mike,Chris Toering here,really enjoyed the discussion yeah probably grumpy old man stuff ha ha joking,ultimate distraction technology product,gives people an easy excuse type thing to not have to communicate ie on the train etc with community……..Any ways Mike we will have to catch up for a beer and we will get a bottle of plonk for the sheilas ha ha.cheers Chris Toering

    • Hey Chris! Great to hear from you…would love to carry on the discussion (over beers) down under. One day! Keep well, stay away from the ‘distraction technology and keep talking.

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